PLYmedia serves contextual overlays of information on top of online video. PLYmedia enriches video by providing closed captions and multilingual subtitles, as well as information about people, music, products and places within the video.


PLYmedia has integrated with Brightcove Player API. The integration enables Brightcove customers to benefit from PLYmedia “overlay” content enrichment services.

The integration adds an invisible layer (which is synced to the video timeline enabling full video synchronization with the interactive enrichments) over the player’s video portion allowing PLYmedia to add video enhancements such as subtitles and information banners, based on a customers’ request.

PLYmedia’s caption and subtitle UI can be customized (at the customer’s request) to fit the player’s UI according to their specific needs.

PLYmedia’s interactive information banners (as supplied by the customer or created by PLYmedia) can be overlaid on the video (and managed through PLYmedia’s management system) and will include applicable text/link/image.

As PLYmedia’s player is an individual (stand-alone) player, it has no effect on any aspect of theBrightcove player and video playback, allowing full functionally of Brightcove’s player whether PLYmedia is “on” or “off”.


  • Increases viewership.
  • Expands time of engagement of a video.
  • Directs users to additional targeted pages on your website.
  • Offers new creative monetization models.


  • Language accessibility services (subPLY)
  • Serving and/or creation of professional subtitles and closed captions in any language.
  • Return time (turn around) according to the client needs.
  • Metadata can strengthen SEO results.
  • Information services (publisherPLY)
  • Creation of customizable interactive/clickable banners with information regarding events, people, places, objects and music.

  • One-time setup fee
  • Monthly License fee
  • Content Creation
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