Overlay TV

Overlay.TV technology places an interactive layer of clickable hotspots on top of video allowing customers to shop directly from video. Features such as live video chat and video testimonials mean your customers will have the personal attention and interaction of a real store while shopping from the comfort of home.

Overlay.TV for Retail is a SaaS solution which enables Brightcove customers to augment and enhance video experiences with contextual supplamentory information and monetise content via a direct integration with their ecommerce platforms.

As video is streamed from Brightcove's infrustructure, users are presented with clickable elements on or besides the content, allowing them to explore further details on products features, retrieve up to date pricing and initiate a purchase.

The player is skinnable and can be configured to show the product carousel or pop it up on demand. Users can use the carousel to navigate within the video to points in the timelines that feature specific products. The video and carousel are fully in synch during play and skip, and can be configured to pause the underlying video upon user interaction.

In addition to standard sharing functionality via email, twitter and HTML embeds, Overlay.TV provides a fully interactive Facebook share on user streams and fan pages, with full in-place play and fresh product data.

Features and Benefits

  • Make object in the video clickable, to deliver contextual information or initiate a commercial transaction.
  • Deliver up-to-date product information to viewers, coming through integration to your ecommerce catalog, inventory and promotion systems.
  • Track and measure user interaction with in-video targets (impressions of featured products, user clicks to expand product information pane, click through to external URLs) to analyze viewer behavior, improve calls-to-action.
  • Use in-video events such as target clicks to communicate with external page elements (e.g., change companion banner).
  • Widen your reach and increase interactive engagement with viewers and their social network, delivering consistent interaction on your site and on Facebook.

Getting Started

To get started please follow these steps

  • Contact our sales team at to set up an account
  • Create a skinless player in your Brightcove console and note the player ID
  • Login to your Overlay.TV account and click on the Overlays tab to create a new overlay (for ecommerce catalog integration please refer to our backend integration guide)
  • Use ‘brightcove:playerID:videoID’ as your video source, where playerID is your Brightcove skinless player and videoID is the video you would like to overlay.
  • Click ‘Launch Authoring Tool’ to edit the overlay and add clickable targets.
  • Copy the embed code from the overlay detail page and paste it on your site (for automated contextual embeds please refer to our front end integration guide).

Contact our professional services team at to discuss integration with your ecommerce platform and to receive the Overlay.TV for Retail frontend and backend integration documentation.

There are two basic pricing models:

  • Software as a Service Pricing (generally used by retailers that are familiar with video or have high volumes of videos)
  • Campaign Pricing (generally used by retailers who’s products are seasonally focused or are taking their first steps into video)

Each pricing model consists of the three elements; i) monthly license for platform, ii) professional services fee’s (for customized player design and ecommerce platform integrations) and iii) traffic.

The platform has been designed to cater for both small and large retailers and as such we have small clients paying as little as $1,500 per months and larger clients paying upwards of $20,000 per month.