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Partner Overview

LogoBar is a patented digital advertising technology that brands components of streaming media players, and empowers marketers to interact with audiences while a video is playing without disrupting or delaying the content they are viewing.

The LogoBar plugin, which is compatible with Brightcove, gives publishers a new way to monetize video content that more efficiently and effectively elevates brand awareness and engagement for advertisers. Most importantly, audiences’ experience improves along with their brand perception and ability to engage.

With LogoBar everyone wins. Advertisers elevate their brand and interact with viewers, publishers increase their revenue and consumers view content without disruption.

Product Overview

LogoBar is a patented digital advertising technology that was created by a consumer who identified a major problem: advertisers are wasting billions of dollars a year on ads that consumers aren’t watching. Video advertising visibility and effectiveness are in question as viewers are largely ignoring, skipping, or blocking video ads.

LogoBar is providing a more valuable video advertising format for content owners/distributors and advertisers that reaches audiences more effectively. The LogoBar allows for dynamic customization of a video player's user interface at run-time, effectively turning the entire player into an non-intrusive ad. This unique relationship between the LogoBar branded player (ad) and the content being watched by a consumer allows us to measure user engagement and other key brand metrics not available to most other video ads.

Integration Overview

The Logobar plugin enables dynamic customization of an HTML5 Brightcove player in order to create a new type of ad unit by replacing certain UI elements with branded content as well as customizing the color scheme and visual effects, based on the configuration it receives via a VAST response. LogoBar’s configurator (WYSIWYG ad builder) allows customization of the UI elements of the player, generation of the VAST response and publishing of the completed player directly into the Brightcove Studio.

Features & Benefits

LogoBar is improving video advertising through the use/adoption of our technology that brands video players. Here are the key benefits that LogoBars offer:

  • Generating more revenue with new ad inventory – Able to monetize the entire stream.
    • Various ways to add value (CPM, CPP, CPE, CPC, etc.): Impressions, viewable impressions, plays, engagements, clicks
    • Increase user retention and view through
    • Non-cannibalistic inventory
  • Complements and elevates value and performance of existing ad formats (i.e. pre-rolls, mid-rolls, etc.)
  • Stronger advertising performance for clients (i.e. visibility, click through, engagement and brand awareness, recall, purchase intent, etc.). Here are some findings from a study conducted by Nielsen recently:
    • 51% of people find LogoBars to be less intrusive than other video ad formats
    • 21% higher brand recall compared to standard 15-second pre-rolls
    • 58% higher CTRs compared to pre-rolls
    •  67% higher engagement probability
  • Better solution for delivering different forms of content:
    • Branded content or sponsorships
    • Live streaming
    • Content syndication
    • Signage, In-house promotion and/or charity
  • Not susceptible to ad-blocking

  • Self Service: Volume of under 5MM impressions/month (variable depending on growth/adoption of client partners)
    • Leverage LogoBar’s configurator to build your own LogoBar, schedule campaigns, and gain access to measurement platform.
  • Managed Service: Volume of 5MM+ imps/month (variable depending on growth/adoption of client partners)
    • Leverage the LogoBar team to service creative, delivery, and measurement. Access to more creative customization (features and functionality), and advanced analytics (i.e. engagement and brand metrics).
  • Pricing models:
    • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
    • Cost per play/view (CPP or CPV)
    • Revenue share
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