e-Spirit is the manufacturer of the industry leading FirstSpirit Content Management System, relied on by enterprises worldwide to help them successfully implement their digital strategies, engage audiences more effectively and increase market share. FirstSpirit software enables the creation, management and publishing of content across multiple channels including corporate websites, company intranets and portals, extranets, print and mobile devices—in other words, anywhere communication needs to take place.

If there's one thing that defines e-Spirit as a company it's this: focus. We are focused on providing the absolute best Web content management system possible so our customers can offer their audiences the best online experience possible. This focus means that we're not interested in building ERP or CRM software, or going out acquiring a bunch of companies for the sake of rapid growth. No, our passion is being the best at what we do, and that's Web content management software.

Over the years, this philosophy has connected us to like minded customers and partners who similarly believe that "best of breed" offers the best foundation for long-term success. As a result, we have consistently driven innovations that benefit customers such as class-leading usability and flexible integration with portals, back-end system and cloud apps through tools like AppCenter. Customers can count on us for a clear road-map for the future and to keep current with the rapid pace of change.

We enjoy strong customer adoption on a global basis. Our customers include such well-known brands as Speedo, Nintendo, Airbus, Sterling Jewelers, Bosch, Nord Gear, Barbri, KLM, Olympus, and many more.

FirstSpirit is the most flexible content management solution on the market today, offering the highest levels of usability, streamlined processes and fast return on investment. Our CMS not only allows your company to give customers an exceptional web experience, but marketers, editors, technical professionals and all users along the digital experience management supply chain will also appreciate its efficient operation. At the same time, your company benefits from greater productivity and lower costs. FirstSpirit effortlessly manages your company's content, whether it resides on corporate websites, online stores, enterprise portals, intranets or extranets. It is the solution for companies who are looking for ways to better engage with their different target groups consistently on multiple channels, with cross-channel marketing campaigns on a global scale.

The Brightcove Integration for FirstSpirit allows content editors in FirstSpirit to directly access the Brightcove Media Library to search for videos and easily drag and drop them into the pages. The selected video is automatically assigned to a video player template that can be customized if necessary. A live preview allows content editors to see how the video and player work within the page before they are sent through an approval and publication workflow.

The Brightcove video search is seamlessly integrated into the FirstSpirit Content Creator client application. The Integration is delivered as a FirstSpirit module. The connection to the Brightcove Media Library is established through the Video Cloud token-based REST Media Read API.

Available as on-premise, hosted or SaaS solution

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