Cleeng is a powerful one-stop platform specialized in authentication, commerce and security solutions for premium videos. We help leading brands like IMG, Cirque du Soleil, Coxhub, TVN Chile, NHRA and hundreds of other broadcasters generate more engagement and revenue from their online video assets.

We teamed up with Brightcove experts to provide the best premium video solutions that work with Video Cloud and Zencoder. How does it work?

Thanks to our comprehensive authentication solutions & APIs, broadcasters can:

  • Easily authenticate users across devices
  • Learn about their viewers
  • Personalize and increase the experience and gain viewership intelligence

Our easy and fast-to-deploy scalable e-commerce framework means:

  • Easily set up a Live Pay-Per-View within minutes
  • Launch a SVOD service in one or multiple countries in no time
  • Capture specific viewer details

Cleeng offers multiple levels of security for your video content:

  • Automatic offer entitlement
  • Session control check
  • Forensic watermarking technology to prevent screen and stream grabbing

Our solutions are also integrated in Brightcove OTT Flow, which is specifically designed to rapidly deploy high-quality subscription video services across multiple platforms. Together with Brightcove experts, we have a comprehensive and simple solution waiting for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Sell your LIVE events and SVOD services easily on any device worldwide, either directly from your website or from external pages (affiliates, Facebook). We offer a wide choice of payment methods, adapted dynamically per price point and user location.
  • Generate the best return on investment with your video asset.
  • Save time & money - Solution is already built specifically for Brightcove and works immediately.
  • Benefit from the highest protection and user experience standards required by industry leaders like TED Conferences, FIFA World-cup and Golden Boy Promotions alongside hundreds of other content producers.

Check our website for details.

Getting Started

Set up your LIVE event in 2 minutes and start pre-booking with Cleeng Live!

Set up your SVOD channel using our API starting here.

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Cleeng has two pricing options. The pay-as-you-go option is the most progressive option while Cleeng Enterprise License provides you with more advanced tools and reports to boost your business.

Please check our website for more details: Pricing