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Video engages us on a deeper level, conveying more information than any other communication medium and tapping into what we feel—an emotional shortcut through the brain. Forward-thinking companies are leveraging video to create inspiring digital experiences that entertain, train, engage, influence, and convert like nothing else.

While video often starts in marketing organizations, it is quickly expanding into other parts of the business. From sales to support, ecommerce, corporate communications, and human resources, innovative companies are rolling out video company-wide and seeing serious business growth because of it.

This comprehensive guide is packed with learnings from our top customers and our own internal video experts. Each of the six chapters features success stories, compelling video usage stats, videos, and a step-by-step checklist for video success. From just getting started with video to becoming a video master, this guide has ideas and tactics you can put into action, right now.

  • Supercharge Your Video Marketing

    If you’re looking to foster engaging relationships with your customers, just add video. Marketers like you are turning to video for lead generation, conversions, loyalty, and referrals.

  • Create a Higher-Performing Organization with Video

    Effectively onboarding and aligning talented employees is a major factor in the overall success of an organization. Now HR, Training, and Corporate Communications groups are finding video is the key to fueling high-performing teams.

  • Drive Revenue with Ecommerce Video

    Want to boost online browsing time by 340%?10 Who doesn’t? Ecommerce retailers are embracing video at record speeds because nothing else can compare with the results.

  • Inspire Loyalty with Video Customer Service

    Customer loyalty is priceless. But, in order to grow and retain a loyal customer base, it’s crucial to provide support that delights and exceeds customer expectations. That’s where video comes in.

  • Crush Quotas with Effective Sales Videos

    “Show, don’t tell” is a common mantra of top sales professionals. And that makes video a natural fit for engaging prospects. Of course, a 38%18 lift in quota attainment doesn’t hurt either.

  • Top 4 Takeaways for Total Video Success

    From departmental teams to global organizations, it’s clear that companies want to do more with video. However, most are just scratching the surface of video’s potential. This section outlines the four key elements common to companies getting the most out of their video investments.

Download the guide and put video to work across your organization.

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