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How Gannett's Most Valuable Asset Became Video

Gannett is a large media holding company with hundreds of newspaper and broadcast properties, including the largest U.S. newspaper in circulation, USA Today.

Video is becoming the medium of choice to tell a compelling news story, and Gannett sees video as its most valuable asset for monetization.

As a news organization, speed and ease of use are very important qualities that led Gannett to choose Brightcove.

Because Gannett's suite of properties is so vast, the ability to scale and share media across properties was very important. Reporters in the field are able to shoot, edit and upload video themselves in real-time with little overhead or technical skills required.

Media management and tagging allows Gannett publishers to instantly push content live to their websites, based on simple tagging conventions.

Gannett values the ability to track the performance of their content across properties with Brightcove analytics reports.

As they continue to embed more video on their webpages, they continue to see exponential growth in key viewer metrics like time on site, and stickiness of their properties.

Gannett values how quickly Brightcove brought to market a solution to reach iPad users with HTML5 compatibility, and are confident that Brightcove will continue to innovate to address emerging technologies to reach new audiences in the future.

Leaving the technology to Brightcove allows the team at Gannett to focus their resources on video production and reporting, because they can rely on Brightcove to continuously develop solutions that fit their complex media needs.

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