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Put Video to Work Across the Organization - Chapter 4

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Personalize Online Customer Service with Video

Customer loyalty is priceless. Satisfied customers make up a healthy portion of repeat business, and they’re more likely to send first-rate referrals your way. But, in order to grow and retain a loyal customer base, it’s crucial to provide support that delights and exceeds customer expectations. That’s where video comes in.

Customer Loyalty Builds Brands

Big names like Brit & Co uses DIY inspirational "how to" videos and online classes that boost the overall customer experience. Small business accounting software provider Xero has taken this idea a step further, creating Xero TV, an entire video library of product guides and information. Extending that idea, Mary Kay and Tableau offer customers educational videos explaining how to do more with, and get more value from, their products—a creative approach that also drives upsells.

Customer Service Video By the Numbers

When learning about a new product or service...


80% improvement in customer retention rate after watching a video12


44% of people prefer to watch a video, while 4% prefer reading a manual and 5% favor speaking to an expert13


47% of customer service/customer experience teams are already supported by video14

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Making Video Work

Video-led Marketing Experiences Attract, Retain and Grow Xero To 1 Million Subscribers

Where are you on the video scale?

Getting Started

  • Use videos to introduce your support team members
  • Send training videos to follow up on support calls
  • Analyze video data to guide product improvements
  • Post how-to videos and tutorials on your site and social channels


  • Disperse video throughout support pages
  • Create a comprehensive video portal for support content
  • Add simple interactivity to how-to videos
  • Create personalized videos from support team members
  • Analyze viewer data to identify problem areas for product or training improvement

Video Leaders

  • Augment how-to videos with recommended content
  • Create video galleries for specific use cases, known problems, and best practices
  • Use interactive branching in training videos to increase engagement and assess opportunities for improvement
  • Use viewing data to proactively check customer health

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