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Brightcove Transforms Web Experience Management with Video Cloud CMS Integrations

Free packaged Brightcove Video Cloud integrations with nine Web experience management platforms brings streamlined video workflow to millions of website publishers

Available today for Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, and WordPress

BOSTON, May 17, 2012 - Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global provider of cloud content services, today announced a series of content management system (CMS) integrations enabling millions of website publishers to capitalize upon the rapid growth of online video. Using the Video Cloud platform to add video to CMS workflows is easy thanks to pre-built Video Cloud integrations available today for Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, and WordPress. The integrations make video a central part of the Web experience management ecosystem, empowering publishers to drive engagement and improve online marketing initiatives’ performance by adding video to their content mix through leading CMS platforms.

“Video’s pervasiveness across the Web makes it a central component in the content mix thanks to its unmatched ability to tell stories, generate brand awareness, and increase loyalty,” said Jeff Whatcott, chief marketing officer at Brightcove. “Website publishers need the same high degree of control over video that they’ve had with text and images to create a content strategy with more personalized experiences and a wider range of content types that drive visitor engagement, transactions, and return visits. Brightcove’s CMS integrations help publishers take full advantage of the many marketing benefits of video by easily incorporating it into their existing content workflows.”

Brightcove Video Cloud’s integrations with leading CMS solutions enable organizations to draw on the full range of content creation, management and optimization tools to make video a seamless and highly effective part of the online experiences they deliver. The integrations give publishers more options than ever to seamlessly add Video Cloud’s video management, delivery, and analytics capabilities into their existing CMS platform, realizing significant benefits and efficiencies, including:

  • Centralized workflows, combining the functions of the CMS and Video Cloud within a single user interface.
  • Rich CMS functionality for video assets that leverages the full capabilities of the CMS, such as A/B testing, multivariate testing, and social sharing for video assets.
  • Unified analytics that allow organizations to analyze all of their content data within a single holistic environment.
  • Cross-content search through which users can include video content when searching across all content types.
  • Granular permissions that make it possible to bundle video assets with other content under a consistent set of rules.

Brightcove’s growing roster of CMS partners already includes integrations with nine Web experience management platforms:

  • Drupal: An open source module that enables Drupal users to natively browse, upload, and view metadata from a Video Cloud account, including play counts, creation dates and keywords.
  • Ektron: Built upon the .NET platform, Ektron’s integration allows users to upload and publish Video Cloud content to their websites while taking advantage of automated encoding, players and styling, HTML5 video, mobile video delivery, and analytics.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010: The Video Cloud integration for the SharePoint .NET platform is available as an open source library, offering administrators and users a range of capabilities, video uploads, player configuration, browse, search, and playlist and metadata management. It also enables Video Cloud players to render and play video on mobile devices, including iOS devices.
  • Adobe CQ5: The open source integration with CQ5 lets users browse, search, and upload video, and also drag-and-drop Video Cloud videos or playlists directly onto a page.
  • Agility: Agility’s Video Cloud integration helps customers handle video transcoding, management, and playback across Flash and HTML5 for both internally produced content and user-generated content (UGC).
  • Sitecore: Sitecore offers a Video Cloud connector for its .NET-based CMS to allow customers to view, edit, and publish videos directly into their website—all from within the Sitecore user interface.
  • Atex Polopoly: The Atex integration for Video Cloud lets publishers upload and embed Video Cloud-hosted video content directly to their website pages through the Polopoly interface.
  • WordPress: The open source Video Cloud Plug-In for WordPress lets both and sites play back any Video Cloud player, single or multi-playlist, and works on any device Video Cloud supports.
  • PaperThin CommonSpot: CommonSpot CMS users can add and manage video content using the CommonSpot integration with Video Cloud, and then leverage the CMS to increase the value of videos, according to PaperThin, by associating videos to other related content, and delivering video content to site visitors based on personal interests and/or context.

All Video Cloud CMS integrations are API driven, requiring users to simply enter their Video Cloud account information once. Thereafter, the CMS recognizes the Video Cloud library, presenting videos, thumbnails and metadata, and supporting search and tagging functions within the native CMS environment.

Pricing and Availability
The Video Cloud CMS integrations are available for free either through Brightcove’s open source community site at or through its CMS Technology Partner site at

To learn more, download the whitepaper, “Integrating Videos with your Customer Experience Management Platform,” or sign up for our CMS integration webinar series.

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