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Super-Charge the Customer Journey with Video Lead Generation

From video-focused campaigns, to emails and landing pages, sprinkle video through all of your touchpoints and watch the leads roll in.
Only Brightcove Helps You
Engage The Most Viewers with Video
Tailor your message and get it out there with distribution to every channel, on every device.
  • Brand your video player to create a responsive experience all your own.
  • Quickly build video lead generation destinations for maximum video SEO draw.
  • Incorporate video at every touchpoint—from landing pages to lead forms.
  • Leverage social distribution and live video streaming to reach your audience where they are.
Convert, Convert, Convert
Turn viewers into leads with out-of-the-box tools that transform videos.
  • Embed lead forms in your video player to capture interest at any point.
  • Place custom calls-to-action within your video experiences to inspire action.
  • Incorporate video player interactivity to keep prospects engaged and entertained.
Act on Insights Not Instincts
Understand reach and performance with video analytics tools that go way beyond viewing data.
  • Integrate video analytics with a marketing automation platform for end-to-end tracking.
  • Score leads and create custom nurture paths to fuel video lead generation and ROI.
  • Compare and contrast video campaigns to optimize ROI.
The Brightcove Video Marketing Suite brings together all the video technology you need to create deeper engagement throughout the customer journey. It’s easy to start, easy to use, and drives killer results.
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