From upload to delivery, Brightcove protects your video content throughout its lifecycle with its secure online video platform.

Cloud Computing Shared Security Model

Brightcove’s online video platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is built to provide both a secure and reliable foundation for a broad set of capabilities that help customers scale and manage their video content. Customer data is hosted in a multi-tenant environment, but segregation is integrated into the application at the customer level. We also offer the option to only store master videos in a region selected by the customer. For example: If a customer is tied to us-east-1 their masters won’t leave that region.Brightcove follows a secure platform development model including enforcing encryption standards for all data in transit, employee compliance with documented data storage protocols, and user authentication when using the product.

Role-Based Access Control & Data Security

Brightcove implements strong user access control measures for our customers. Our studio allows customer administrators to delegate administration tasks via a “user admin” role, which allows limited user-related tasks such as the creation or deactivation of users. Administrators can configure the Brightcove Studio so that user access can be restricted to specific modules (Media, Publishing, Advertising, Analytics). This can be restricted based on an individual user’s role to limit who has access to change players, media files, metadata, and policies.

Security-conscious organizations rely on Brightcove because security is our number one priority when it comes to customer data. Brightcove offers rigorous security features like IP restriction, URL tokenization, single sign-on, AES encryption and more. We ensure your video gets to the right people, while keeping all your video content secure.


As a global organization that serves thousands of customers around the world the equivalent of hundreds of years of video a day, securing our customer data is mission critical and information security is an area Brightcove takes very seriously. The Brightcove Information Security team oversees the creation of and adherence to security policies, processes and standards.

We have security certifications through Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and Privacy Shield as a reflection of our commitment to our customers to maintain compliance and serve their business needs and security requirements.

Download Our Security Datasheet

Learn about some of the security controls available to customers of Brightcove

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