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Q1 2022 Global Video Index

Your audience is changing — is your video strategy keeping up?

Download the Brightcove Q1 2022 Global Video Index.

The Brightcove Q1 2022 Global Video Index compiles our vast collection of global data points to give you an understanding of your audience’s viewing habits and how they’re evolving. With insights from Brightcove’s principal analyst, Jim O’Neill, the Brightcove Global Video Index tells you what you need to know to grow your audience and build your business.

Download it and sharpen your streaming strategy by knowing:

  • Which device(s) your audience prefers for viewing your kind of content
  • Which region watched the most marketing video – and which watched the least
  • Where views of entertainment video really took off
  • Which regions saw the strongest growth in sports streaming
  • And much more

Since 2013, the Brightcove Global Video Index has provided a representative view of global video consumption and engagement trends based on the anonymized and aggregated metrics of Brightcove customers. The data for this report spans from October 2021 to March 2022.

Download the report

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