Launching a Customer Advocacy Video Program for Your Brand


Customer loyalty means that customers want and chose to do business with you! Score. But the most engaged of customers are advocates who elect to stay with a business’ offering even when being courted by the competition. Brand advocates continue to believe the company they decide on has the best product or service, and nothing else is going to fulfill their needs as well. At a time when brands want and crave social exposure via mentions, likes, and shares, advocates readily and willingly will engage with your brand and encourage others to do the same. Often, advocates lead new customers into the lifecycle by providing social proof that will draw prospects from awareness to engagement, quickly.

The secret to gaining advocates? First, listening. Then, surprise and delight your customers by doing what they’ve asked of you, exceeding their expectations. Video marketing with targeted campaigns can make your customers feel valued.

Why Video Works in the Advocacy Stage of the Customer Journey

Advocates are a brand’s biggest fans.They engage willingly. Video can be a fantastic communication device, particularly if you do not have an account manager overseeing customer interactions. Consider user-generated content (UGC) to connect with fans. Advocates will write stellar reviews on third party sites, create and share videos featuring your product, and help create awareness of your brand, building credibility and starting the customer lifecycle for a new prospect. They’re going to do it anyways, so use advocates as a wealth of content ideas.

How to Craft a Story that Resonates - Key Questions for an Advocacy Campaign

  1. Which customer segments are an appropriate fit for user-generated sources?
  2. Are your advocacy videos innately shareable? Do they require an explanation or can they stand alone as compelling social content?
  3. How can these videos inspire goodwill from customers, converting them to advocates and brand amplifiers?

Where to Promote Your Video Content

In our Video Marketing Hero’s latest guide, Strategies for Video Marketing Across the Customer Journey, we’ve included handy charts so at a glance you can understand what you should post and where. Advocates love blog and social communities. They also open your emails! So what kind of content do advocates want? The kind that demonstrates and affirms your business as their top choice. Create video content around product updates, communications from leadership or leadership presentations, as well as unique and interesting ways to utilize your product. Get creative! Also, since advocates see themselves as part of your company and are interested in your continued growth and success -- give them a moment to shine. Try creating a tip series led by your users. Essentially, keep proving why you’re better together.

What to Measure: Key Metrics for a Video Advocacy Campaign

What marketer doesn’t love reading buzz around their brand? Advocacy gives you major feel good vibes. It’s an affirmation that you can have a positive effect on someone’s life through the utilization of your product. Here are the ways to measure brand affinity with your advocates.

  1. Average net promoter score.
  2. Growth in customer referral code redemption.
  3. Total user-generated video communications in both brand sponsored community groups and social outlets.
  4. Number of additional feature requests and continued communication with brand.
  5. Growth in auto-renew service offers or purchase clubs.
  6. Days/months for movement between service tiers.

Better together. Feels good, doesn’t it?