Video Marketing Mentors: Scaling Global Enterprise Video


Our Video Marketing Mentors series continues, integrating with our current Video Across the Enterprise series. We’re speaking to industry experts Bill Marriott, Senior Director of Video Communications and New Media at SAS, and Jay Smith, Business Architecture, and Analysis Consultant at Cloudsparks.

Tip 1: Localize Video Content for Global Business Units

Jay Smith: “ being able to truly localize it in a way that sounds comfortable and normal to the consumers is really very important…. so the way to solve for that is to be able to create, for instance, global content that can be shared out to markets and be localized. That really makes the content creation and the quality of that feasible….you use the power of the platform to be able to go from global to local with your content.”

Tip 2: Centralize Video Content Governance

Bill Marriott: “We're seeing the resurgence and the escalation of video coming from multiple sources. And our team is responsible for the governance and the branding of all those products. So for a video that we produce of course that's hopefully going to be on brand but for a video that others are producing, which that's a really growing number of videos for us, we're responsible for making sure that every one of those videos – aligns with our brand and helps tell the story.”

Jay Smith: “If a video is out in the wild, we know that the company can turn that video off at any time. The company should have control over all users, all content, all content that exists all the time.”

“The company should have control over all users, all content, all content that exists all the time.” - Jay Smith

Bill Marriott: “One of the key elements for video is content management, you know having a database to help you understand what video you're producing, where it's going, how it's used, and then of course, the metrics associated with that.”

Tip 3: Share Video Campaign Reporting with All Teams

Bill Marriott: “So we now have built portals for delivering the accountability back to the organization for us to concisely show them here's all the video we've produced this year. We can categorize it and slice and dice it by initiative area…. and we can show the metrics behind all that video. We want to share that responsibility with other key groups, legal, human resources, marketing, PR, and all the constituent groups.”

“We categorize it and slice and dice it by initiative area, and show the metrics.” - Bill Marriott

Jay Smith: “What I'm most excited about is to watch the traditional silos – globally and actually between brands, to really break down. It is a special time in history to watch that, and it's technology that's driving all of it.”