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By Victoria Kurpeski

PR Manager at Brightcove

Infographic: The Science of Social Video Engagement


There’s no denying that if you want a successful video marketing strategy, social video needs to be a huge component. The major social platforms have shifted their attention to video - and the eyeballs are there, as video content is more and more voraciously consumed across social.

Facebook has largely led the charge with its video-first strategy and has seen the results of this push as 67% of marketers have paid to promote videos on Facebook over the past year and views of sponsor content jumped 258% since 2016.

Pinterest and LinkedIn have been the most recent to toss their hats into the ring, with LinkedIn finally rolling out video capabilities and Pinterest rolling out video ads.

For brands in particular, the growing popularity of social video represents a massive opportunity. What can brands learn about the where, what, and why of current social video viewing habits in order to capitalize on them?

This new infographic details the results of a study of 5,500 social video viewers from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Australia.

![Brightcove Science of Social Video Infographic]( "Brightcove Science of Social Video Infographic")

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