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By Dana Fugate

Director of Content, Digital Marketing at Brightcove

Research Report: Interactive Video for Business


This week, Demand Metric released a Brightcove-sponsored report on interactive video, with participation from our interactive video partners and customers. This report offers a high-level overview of the current definitions, adoption, applications, and effectiveness of interactive video.

Some would say that video is growing as the digital communication method of choice due to its singular ability to replicate 1:1 conversations. Given that premise, then interactivity is the evolution of the form to achieve two-way conversations and even more effective results. These results span use cases from marketing to internal communications to corporate learning and more. Interactive video is still considered the “next frontier,” thus we took care to interview a known population of interactive video creators in order to better understand use and performance. Although their usage rate results skew higher than those of typical business marketers and communicators, the information these users impart is a solid indication of where marketing and enterprise-wide interactive video is headed in the coming year.

We will be having some of the partners who participated in this research contribute blog posts address and/or expand on topics from this study in the coming weeks. I will thus tee up the study, as well as our partners’ more in-depth posts, with a quick overview and some of Brightcove’s insights on the topics addressed.

The main reason people are not currently using interactive video is budget, followed closely by a lack of understanding of the form, how it works, and the benefits it provides. As with all things video, the conversation needs to switch from budget to ROI.

Bar graph depicting reasons for not using interactive video

Video has proven to have extremely high ROI in marketing, as well as in cross-enterprise use cases. To make a case for ROI, you need to understand the medium, the benefits it provides, and how those fit into your business goals.

Do the goals for your area of responsibility include audience engagement, increasing their time on site, gaining insight into your audience, or higher brand awareness and sharing?

Bar graph depicting the benefits of interactive video

And are you looking for a format that offers higher ROI for higher use?

Information Table detailing the levels of use of video content benfitsThen it would behoove you to learn more about interactive video, and find ways to incorporate it into your strategic planning for 2016 and beyond.

Want a deep dive into interactive video? Check out the series by our participating interactive partners, linked below.

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