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Matt Noyes

By Matt Noyes

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Brightcove

Extend the Power of Streaming Video Across Devices with SDKs

Features & Updates

Brightcove continues to maintain and enhance its Native SDKs for Android, iOS, and tvOS. The latest enhancements, Android SDK release 6.18.6 and iOS/tvOS 6.10.5, enable users to build powerful video apps for mobile devices and connected TVs.

Brightcove’s SDKs can facilitate a simple player experience or feature-rich experiences, incorporating both analytics and advertising. Developers can easily adapt SDKs to work with Brightcove Video Cloud and the Brightcove Player and ensure that teams can deliver their content quickly and easily. A number of features are supported, including:

  • Captions
  • Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Content protection
  • Live playback
  • Standard UI controls
  • 360° video
  • Offline playback

You can learn about supported features such as analytics, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and others, in greater depth on our Native SDK features support page.

Brightcove’s Native SDKs were made with native platform developers in mind. They follow the latest standards in application development across each environment to ensure clean, minimalist code and to minimize the time and effort placed upon developers.

Built on top of native player frameworks, Brightcove Native SDKs can take advantage of the speed, performance, and flexibility of the native OS. This allows developers to extend it into a complete video experience that is easy to integrate.

Brightcove’s engineers are active in the iOS and Android communities and adhere to current standards. By following established conventions for memory, naming, and design patterns, our Native SDKs make it simpler to get started.

To stay up to date with the latest enhancements and updates to Brightcove’s Native SDKs, or for instructions on creating video apps with Native SDKs, visit our SDK support page.