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By Nathan Veer

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove


How to Use Video Data in HubSpot Marketing Automation Workflows


Marketing automation has been around for some time now, but marketing automation with the addition of video data? Well, that’s a game changer for marketers everywhere. Not only is video the most powerful tool for telling stories but now, your video data is some of the most powerful data you’ve ever captured in HubSpot.

Brightcove’s out of the box integration with HubSpot takes just two minutes to set up--and all you need is your HubSpot credentials to log in. After you go through this simple setup, you’ll get video viewing data delivered into the timeline of your contacts within HubSpot.

This data is different than any data you’ve previously collected and used in HubSpot. Let me explain with this scenario:

You send out an email campaign.

->A known user opens the email

-> clicks on the link

-> navigates to your web page

While we can interpret those actions to mean something and it is certainly of value--do you know what paragraphs on the destination page they read? Most of us have never thought to ask that as it simply wasn’t an option to have this information when marketing with written content.

Now, let’s say we had a video on that page, conveying the same information. Video by nature is  consumed over time. This means, we can know exactly how much of our message they were exposed to. If they only watched 20% of the video and only heard the first 2 out of 5 points within that video, you can now send an email highlighting point #3. Talk about targeted, personalized follow-up.

Once you have this data flowing from Brightcove into HubSpot you can use it in your workflows, list segments, and lead scoring. In other words, everything you’re already doing. Video viewership data just super-charges your current marketing campaigns. Now you can combine the power of HubSpot with the leading video marketing platform in the industry and get amazing results.

Ready to get started? Check out the additional resources or sign up for a free marketing automation kickstart with one of our specialists, below.

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