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Karen Levy

By Karen Levy

VP, Product Marketing at Brightcove

Building Video Interactivity: HapYak Joins Brightcove

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Video is already an engaging and compelling medium to tell stories, communicate information, and connect with an audience. Advances in interactive technology, personalization, and embedded calls-to-action have only enhanced the power of video to engage enterprise users spanning media, marketing, sales organizations, and human resources.

In 2021, Brightcove acquired long-time partner, HapYak: a leader in the video interactivity market. Through this acquisition, Brightcove customers can customize video assets at scale with exciting interactive features.

  • Clickable hotspots. Add URLs at any point in your video to drive traffic to unique destinations.
  • Forms. Include forms as an overlay to your video and capture individual viewer information in the moment.
  • Shopping cart purchases. Make your videos shoppable and enable in-video purchases. With a single seamless click, without leaving the video player, your customer can shop and you can make revenue.
  • Quizzes. Collect individual viewer data and preferences by embedding quizzes within your video player.
  • Choose-your-own adventure paths. With branching technology, you can link between videos and allow your viewers to create their own experience as they choose their next piece of content (all while collecting data on what they choose next)
  • Customized calls-to-action. Include the call-to-action that makes the most sense for your goals and audience: buy now, sign up, subscribe, download, schedule an appointment, and more.

With so many interactive touch points available, Brightcove is proud to offer additional analytics powered by HapYak’s technology. Customers can analyze online video performance with unique audience feedback from polls, personalized calls-to-action, and data from clickable links. These granular insights are powerful indicators of engagement and intent. When integrated with other solutions like marketing automation, web analytics, and back office platforms, these unique insights drive increased lead quality, conversion rates, and ROI.

To learn more about how Brightcove and HapYak can help you get started with interactive video, visit our product page.