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Guest Post: Video Marketing Just Got Easier

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This guest post comes from our Technology Partner, Brainshark. Brainshark provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations. Thousands of companies – including a third of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to increase the impact and reduce the cost of their sales, marketing, training and HR communications. __Here's how it works:

  1. Publisher’s Brainshark administrator inserts all Brightcove credentials (Publisher Id, Player Id, Read With URL Access Token, Write Token) into their Administrative screen.
  2. Once enabled, a new link (“Publish to Brightcove”) appears within your Brainshark account under “Things You Can Do” menu.
  3. _When Publisher’s Brainshark presentation is completed and ready for exporting to Brightcove, simply click the “Publish to Brightcove” link.


![](’s face it, it’s 2011 and in today’s digital marketplace, businesses and consumers alike understand the value of video. If you’re a Brightcove customer, there’s no doubt that you’ve already seen it pay dividends firsthand. Yet, while the benefits of video for your business are quite apparent, there are two elements of business-video production that aren’t always as obvious. One is where you can use videos and the other is how to create those videos within your various constraints.

These uncertainties exist because there are commonly two diverging misconceptions about business videos: a) production is an expensive and time-consuming process, making video a rare or completely unavailable weapon in your marketing arsenal; b) video production that you can actually afford results in very grainy and off-the-cuff content that’s hardly usable for anything but the buried catacombs of your YouTube channel.

First, marketers CAN produce visually appealing and effective content through a quick creation process that won’t break the bank. Secondly, there are a great variety of opportunities for using video. Consider:

  • an invitation to an event
  • an email marketing drop
  • your homepage or any other section of your website
  • a description of your company, product, or service
  • content marketing materials
  • customer testimonials
  • case studies
  • research findings
  • internal communications

The list can really go on and on and yet you’ll notice that all of these examples vary in terms of the level of video production required. But do they?

When video assets with high production value aren’t absolutely necessary (or even feasible), there are many video presentation tools available for a variety of businesses purposes. At the end of the day, combining audio to visuals is the backbone of what makes video so effective. Granted, you should be strategic and careful about how you combine these two features, but the result hardly needs to be next year’s Super Bowl commercial.

There are tools out there that will help you accomplish these tasks quickly and inexpensively without compromising effectiveness. For example, take a look at the video below:



With the Brainshark platform, Pedowitz Group created this presentation (specifically designed to play sharply on a mobile device) using just PowerPoint for the visuals.

Brainshark allows you to upload scores of different formats, including PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Word, other videos, podcasts, even web pages and add your voice using the telephone, computer microphone, or mp3 files. All of a sudden, those stale marketing documents you had lying around can now easily be repurposed to create valuable video content. If you take a look at our homepage, you’ll notice that we used the very same method to produce the highlighting video presentation. Even if you don’t have a large storage of stock documents to convert into a video, your inevitable familiarity with at least some of these popular formats make them easy to create without requiring video production or editing skills. You can test just how easy it is here.

Remember, maintaining a successful video marketing strategy isn’t just based on how crisp your highlight video might be, but also on the frequency and consistency of your video output. If your company has committed to video, it’s easy to get stuck with a time-sensitive video communication project on your plate without really having the time, money, or people that it would normally require to get it completed. Brainshark makes it easy to get you up and running AND get you across the finish-line.