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By Matt Smith

Vice President and Principal Media Evangelist at Brightcove

Customer Success & Industry Recognition for Context Aware Encoding


We’re thrilled to see the strong early reception for Context Aware Encoding (CAE), our groundbreaking video compression technology that lowers the cost of storing and streaming video. Building a scalable, engaging video product requires world class technology and expertise. While Brightcove can and does help with this, we’ve consistently heard from our customers that we should also focus on helping them to reduce the cost of storing and delivering video content and improve the end user video experience. This is precisely why we’ve built CAE.

Using powerful algorithms, CAE analyzes the content of each video, takes into account the context of the viewing experience by looking at network connectivity and the types of devices consuming content, and generates the optimal bitrate ladder. This process optimizes the number of overall renditions and the bitrate for each rendition while maintaining video quality which, in turn, means lower storage, lower delivery costs, and higher quality video at lower available bandwidth. For content owners managing hundreds of videos and millions of streams, CAE delivers compelling cost savings on both storage and bandwidth while improving the viewing experience. And by creating a custom encoding profile tailored to the combination of each individual video’s content complexity, CAE enables higher quality video that starts up faster and buffers less.

Young Hollywood Reduces Bandwidth Use, Forecasts Future Savings

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (and performance). We’re pleased to see some of our customers generating strong early results by using CAE. For Young Hollywood, one of the leading producers and distributors of celebrity-driven digital media, delivering top-quality content in the most efficient way possible is a top priority. The company enabled CAE to accelerate internal cost savings while improving playback quality.

Young Hollywood initially configured the technology for two of its brands—Young Hollywood and Young Hollywood TV.  In the early innings of using CAE, the brands have seen reductions of up to 35% in bandwidth and 23% in storage. To learn more about how Young Hollywood is succeeding with video, read the case study.

Strong Showing at NAB

CAE also received multiple accolades at NAB including “Best of NAB 2018” by Streaming Media as well as “Best of Show 2018” by NewBay Media.  We are thrilled that CAE is being recognized by industry publications and look forward to more awards in the future!

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