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By Lawson Hancock

Director of Product Management at Brightcove


Building The Video Cloud Next Generation Analytics Platform

Tech Talk

At Brightcove we’ve experienced incredible video streaming growth over the past year driven by new and existing publishers like Snap, Inc. and as a result our analytics traffic has grown tremendously. Delivering over 8,500 years of video viewing per month generates more than 7B analytics events per day, so we needed to re-architect our existing analytics platform to support this growth.   After investigating various big data technology stacks and building a proof of concept during a Brightcove hack week, the team decided to build our next generation system using Google Cloud Dataflow.  This week at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco Ankur Chuahan discussed why we selected Google Cloud as our platform for our next generation analytics.

Ankur’s talk is currently available on YouTube. His part of the talk starts around 29:30.

One important thing to note is all of this work is being done “behind the curtain” seamlessly with no changes to our existing Analytics API or the Video Cloud Studio Analytics module.

This next generation platform will also allow us to provide new types of viewing metrics, dimensions and visualizations. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming new features in Video Cloud Analytics.