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Done well, virtual events generate great content, insightful data, and impressive results. Brightcove Virtual Events extends your reach and deepens your audience engagement with easy-to-use functionality, media-grade streaming, and award-winning support when you need it.

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Virtual events build powerful connections with your audience

Having gone from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” for building connections, virtual events are here to stay. Businesses are succeeding by embracing new ways to use video for internal communications like employee town halls and annual meetings as well as for marketing — new product announcements, branded events, customer portals, etc.

New to the world of virtual events? Download our Virtual Events Datasheet.

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The secret to a stress-free virtual event: Simulive

Whether your next virtual event is a company-wide town hall or your annual customer appreciation night, the stress and pressure of ensuring everything goes smoothly is a lot to deal with. So don’t — simulate a live experience instead. Simulive lets you deliver flawless virtual events with pre-recorded content, and your audience will never know the difference. You can continue to keep them engaged with polls and chat, while you rest easy knowing all your presenters are going to be on time and on message, with no ill-timed internet outages interrupting their presentation.

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Deliver fully branded experiences with audience-involving interactivity

We make it easy to customize your event with extensive branding possibilities and promote it during the actual event on social media. And attendees won’t just passively watch; they’ll be involved thanks to powerful engagement-boosting tools like Q&A, polling, live chat, and interactive sessions.

If you have questions about virtual events, we have answers. The Everything Guide to Virtual Events will explain it all to you.

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Your virtual event should be a cause for celebration, not frustration

With Brightcove, you get industry-leading uptime and media-grade streaming. Something else we give you? Confidence. Because our support team will be right there with you to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

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Features and benefits

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Flawless viewer experiences

Brightcove’s Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning platform is powerful enough to handle global audiences and flexible enough to create uniquely branded user experiences.

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Personalization and interactivity

Personalized content and features like Q&A, polls, interactive rooms, and chat give your attendees a chance to interact with each other and lean in rather than being passive viewers. They also provide valuable insights for post-event followup.

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Virtual event data can be used to identify the content most popular with your audience for more effective follow-up. And if you choose to enable event registration, you can route attendee data through your MAP for nurturing, sales outreach, or even targeting sponsors for your next event.

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Unmatched scalability and reliability

With 16 global data centers handling 875 million views a week with 99.99% uptime, the Brightcove platform can reach audiences from 300 to 3 million live concurrent viewers.

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Award-winning support

Brightcove has earned the Support Staff Excellence Certification from the Technology Services Industry Association for seven years running. Work with us and you’ll quickly see why.

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Market-leading security

Powerful features like digital rights management (DRM), domain and IP restriction, and geofencing ensure that the right people – and only the right people – see your video. And we’re GDPR compliant and DPP certified.

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