Video Delivery


Video Delivery

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Video Communications Platform

Deliver High Quality Video with Speed and Reliability

Delivering video isn’t easy - so let Brightcove take care of it for you. We partner with the leading CDNs across the globe to make sure your videos get to your audience, wherever they are, with the highest quality possible. Video Cloud includes bundled CDN services that offer high performance local caching and delivery of video players, metadata, and video content. Video Cloud streamlines the process of copying and managing files in the CDN by automatically propagating encoded content to the content delivery services included in your account or directly to your preferred CDN.

Adaptive Bitrate HD Video Streaming

The Brightcove Video Player supports adaptive bitrate streaming to give your audience the best quality online video every time. Adaptive bitrate streaming creates multiple renditions for each video you upload, automatically detects user bandwidth, and dynamically switches between renditions mid-stream to ensure smooth playback at the highest quality possible. The Brightcove Video Player can stream HLS to all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and also supports MPEG DASH.


Advanced Live Streaming

With Video Cloud’s advanced live streaming, you can broadcast live events with professional quality. Give each viewer the best possible experience with multi-bitrate delivery. Let your viewers take control with advanced DVR “rewind” and “jump to live” functionality. On-demand streams can be available instantly at the conclusion of the broadcast. Advertise on your live broadcasts with integrated pre-roll ads, overlays, and bumpers.


Global Video Delivery

Video is a global phenomenon. Whether you are a publisher looking to expand your audience to new geographies, or an enterprise looking to acquire new customers in new markets, you need to make sure your video solution can support a global audience base. Video Cloud handles the intricacies and challenges of deploying video globally behind the scenes so you can focus on providing amazing video experiences that get real results.

Access Control

Pinpoint exactly when and where your content is displayed to comply with content licensing restrictions, global launch roll-out schedules, or secure behind-the-firewall delivery. The user-friendly graphical interface of Video Cloud allows you to restrict access by date, domain, geography, video player, or IP address. For even greater control restrict access to sensitive materials by IP address range and ensure content is accessible only from within approved networks.

Remote Assets

Enjoy the power and convenience of Video Cloud without disrupting your existing encoding and asset management workflow. If you already have a large video library that you directly manage on a third-party CDN or on your internal delivery infrastructure, Video Cloud can configure your account to reference remote assets. Video Cloud provides metadata management, video player customization, advertising orchestration, and analytics for video assets you self-manage on your supported third-party CDN provider or internal network.


Third-Party CDN

If you have an existing relationship with a supported third-party CDN, Video Cloud can automatically synchronize your video library with your CDN account. Enjoy the simplicity of managing your library through Video Cloud while taking advantage of your corporate CDN relationship.

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