Security and Reliability


Security and Reliability

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Video Communications Platform

A secure and reliable platform built for leading global organizations

Whether your videos are for general external audiences or private internal ones, Brightcove makes it easy to securely deliver high-quality video experiences to any device. With support for the most sophisticated studio-grade content protection and advanced security features like watermarking, domain and IP restrictions, and geo-restriction, Brightcove helps you deliver even the most sensitive video content with security, control, and confidence.

Content Protection and Encryption

Reach employees and constituents on any device with a wide range of advanced security features. Brightcove makes it easy to control your content with support for watermarking, content encryption, token protection, and digital rights management (DRM).

Proxy Restrictions

Brightcove makes it easy to restrict access to your videos by domain, IP address, or publication date. Pinpoint exactly when and where your content is displayed to comply with global launch roll-out schedules or secure behind-the-firewall delivery. Restricting access to sensitive videos by IP address range ensures content is accessible only from within approved networks.

Block video playback based on a variety of proxy scenarios:

  • Anonymous: The IP address of the client is not available. This includes services that change location to beat DRM, TOR points, temporary proxies, and other masking services.
  • Public: Multiple users proxied from a location allowing public internet access.
  • Corporate: Generally considered harmless, but location can be a concern. Identify if multiple users are proxied through a central location or locations and can share a single network-apparent IP address.
  • Transparent: The IP address of the client is available via HTTP headers, though the value is not necessarily reliable (e.g., it can be spoofed).


Have a video that can’t be distributed outside of a certain geographic region? With Brightcove, you can ensure that you meet your specific geo-restriction, security, and/or content license obligations with advanced geo filtering features. To get even more granular, in the U.S. you can also restrict by Designated Market Area or ZIP code.


Authentication & Single Sign On (SSO)

Avoid the complication of providing users with yet another set of login credentials by using an authentication platform they already know. With built-in support for SAML 2.0-based SSO integrations, Brightcove allows you to leverage your existing investment in enterprise security and identity management by adding secure access to your valuable video content.

Low Network Impact

Deliver the best video experience with the least network impact. Brightcove offers a number of ways to ensure that you can use video freely without impeding your company’s network performance.

  • We support customer-managed CDNs or hosting videos on an internal service like Cisco media servers so they can be served to Brightcove players without leaving the corporate network.
  • Brightcove video delivery can also be optimized by leading proxy devices from Riverbed Technology and Blue Coat.
  • In addition, we partner with leading enterprise content delivery solution providers to optimize network performance.

Mid-stream rights check

After the initial rights check is run at the start of video playback, another validation of the viewer’s credentials is run mid-stream. If the mid-stream check fails, the player will stop video playback. A great example of this is for a paid sporting event: if the team has a limit on stream concurrency and a paid viewer shares their login, a mid-stream check would determine the user no longer meets the conditions of the restrictions (i.e, more than one person has signed in with those credentials) and playback would stop.

Stream concurrency

Limiting concurrent streams per user discourages viewers from sharing their credentials with friends who don’t have accounts. With concurrent stream limits, you define the number of video streams that a specific user can watch at any given time.

Device registration

Device registration occurs when a DRM license request is made. A unique ID is assigned to each device, and with each license request, the device limit is checked and enforced. An example of this is when a content provider grants a publisher permission to stream their content for a period of time and their contractual agreement limits the number of devices associated with a single viewer to two. Once that limit is reached, if a user tries to view the content on a third device – say, a connected TV – the playback will be denied. This enables content owners to achieve their monetization objectives and minimize unauthorized access.

Remote Assets

Deliver high-quality video experiences to your employees without the content ever leaving your firewall. With Brightcove's Remote Asset mode, enterprises supply Brightcove with the metadata and file location for videos, but the actual assets are never uploaded to Video Cloud. The video player and metadata are served from Video Cloud, but the video is served from the enterprise's own content delivery network to provide an extra layer of security.


The Best Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the Video Industry

Brightcove leads the industry with our best-in-class Service Level Agreement. Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to deliver the best possible video experience to their viewers. We have a relentless focus on providing an amazing product and maintaining the stability and reliability of our platform.

Proven Success

Trust your content to a proven solution. Brightcove arranges for rigorous third-party assessments of our security protocols to be conducted at least once per year, including network and application vulnerability threats, penetration testing, and application security framework controls auditing.

If you need to report a security concern please email:

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