Platform: APIs & SDKs


Platform: APIs & SDKs

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Video Communications Platform

Leverage all the capabilities of Video Cloud with APIs, SDKs and Developer Resources

Utilize comprehensive APIs to customize, extend, and integrate with the Brightcove platform. With Video Cloud token-based REST APIs, you can easily access all your video content, metadata, publishing and analytics APIs, deploy video in your mobile applications, integrate with third-party technologies like CMS services and DAM systems, create custom video player templates, and extend video player functionality with plugins.

Ingest API

Deliver consistent high-quality, smooth video with adaptive bitrate live streaming. Reach your audience on the web or mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android with simultaneous RTMP and HLS outputs. Customize renditions or use out-of-the-box SD/HD sets to optimize playback for any viewer’s screen size or network conditions.


Player API

Our Player API allows you to create customized player experiences and player behavior. In the Player API we support video player customization via CSS through standard JavaScript. We also provide an extensive library of player plug-ins to extend the functionality of your video player experience and sample code for implementing custom behavior.

Playback API

The Playback API makes it easy to integrate video content managed in Video Cloud with custom players on different or more specialized platforms. The Playback API can also integrate video metadata within custom apps and sites for more customized experiences. At its heart, this API is built to support massive scale in complex video deployments.



For organizations that want to integrate Video Cloud directly into the video publishing workflow, the CMS API provides read and write access to Video Cloud metadata. This enables publishers to publish content from the systems they already know and love, like Content Management Systems (CMS) and other automated tools, speeding up time to site and improving ease of use.

Analytics API

The Analytics API allows developers and partners to build Video Cloud video analytics directly into their applications. This gives business intelligence teams, business analysts, and video producers key insights into how their video content is performing, and allows them to optimize their online video experiences.

Player Management API

Our Player Management API allows the easy addition of player plugins and automatic CDN publishing. The API is clearly documented, making it easy to transition from the guided configuration of Video Cloud Studio into a more customized, API-driven process.

Live Transcoding API

In addition to Video Cloud Live Module's simplified workflow for non-technical users, we also offer a complete Live Cloud Transcoding API for developers. Developers can access an extensive API for live transcoding, and the service scales instantly to meet your needs. Simply input an RTMP feed to transcode live video to multi-bitrate, adaptive streams for playback on any Internet connected device.

Video Cloud SDKs

Video Cloud SDKs give you the tools you need to jump-start projects and deliver great video applications. SDKs for iOS, tvOS, Android and AndroidTV give you what it takes to bring video to your mobile applications and connected TV experiences.



Get the answer you need, when you need it. Brightcove’s Developer Center gives you unlimited access to comprehensive product documentation, sample code, developer articles, and technical videos making it easy for you to get the information you want when you need it. With over 1,000 pages of product documentation in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, Video Cloud gives you the information you need to succeed.


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