Monetization and Advertising


Monetization and Advertising

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Video Communications Platform

Maximize the Revenue Potential of Video

Brightcove Video Cloud helps you grow and monetize your content without the cost and complexity of in-house development. Ad-supported businesses take advantage of the comprehensive suite of advertising features with metadata-driven ad insertion and built-in integrations with leading ad networks. Manage ad blockers with our server-side ad insertion (SSAI) tool, or integrate with common client-side ad insertion (CSAI) solutions helping to protect revenue.

Standards Compliant Advertising Workflow

Insert ads into your video content to drive revenue using Brightcove’s easy-to-implement ad integrations that support IAB video ad standards VAST, VMAP and VPAID, and accommodates pre-, mid- and post-roll ads as well as overlays and companions.


Metadata-Driven Ads

Drive ad placement decisions based on video content, duration and user behavior. Target ads to specific criteria using your ad server’s targeting capabilities.

Companion Ads

Synchronize in-stream video advertising with other ad units on the page, such as banners and video overlays.

Ad Cue Points

Define programmatic cue points to trigger pre-, mid- and post-roll ads. Set the specific number of video and rich media ads to be played at each insertion point.


Ad Server Integrations

Brightcove partners with best-of breed solutions such as Google Ad Manager and FreeWheel to deliver integrations that maximize yield and performance for publishers and leverage a range of capabilities desired by advertisers.

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