Context-Aware Encoding


Context-Aware Encoding

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Video Communications Platform

Save Time & Money With Cloud Transcoding

Effortlessly transcode live adaptive bitrate video to give viewers a video experience that sounds and plays beautifully on any device.

Deliver An Awesome Experience, Everywhere

Create high quality video outputs for every major device.

  • Scale instantly to support 2 events or 200 across multiple platforms.
  • Make your VOD content available immediately for maximum engagement.
  • Publish from the highest quality source content for the best viewing experience.
  • Get more colors, more contrast, and higher frame rates with support for UHD transcoding.

Cut Complexity & Costs

Get up-and-running quickly and easily with the live transcoding performance leader.

  • Depend on a 99.99% API uptime guarantee for total peace-of-mind.
  • Pay only for what you use with metered billing based on your needs.
  • Simplify integration with readable JSON, predictable settings, and extensive documentation.

Have Complete Flexibility

Leverage file and live transcoding technology the way you need to.

  • Use any content delivery network (CDN) for live streaming and global delivery.
  • Transcode your stream in the AWS region closest to you for the best performance.

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