Digital Rights Management (DRM)


Digital Rights Management (DRM)

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Video Communications Platform

Easily manage licensed content across web, mobile and OTT

Video Cloud offers several forms of content security, some of which can be used together. DRM (Digital Rights Management) protects your video content by encrypting the video data and unlocking it based on license policies. When the video content is loaded into a Brightcove player, the player calls back to a licensing server and obtains permission to play the video. This transaction is transparent to viewers.

Multi-Platform DRM

Video Cloud supports packaging and delivery for multiple DRM formats, including Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay, enabling you to deliver content securely using the DRM natively supported by the browser, mobile device or set-top box.

License Management

Video Cloud manages license delivery for each DRM, meaning you don’t have to worry about setting up and managing individual license servers.

Policy management

You can customize the policies applied to your content in order to comply with license agreements, including restricting unencrypted output on insecure devices, disabling playback on jailbroken devices, or limiting playback resolution for particular device platforms.

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