Video Content Management System (CMS)


Video Content Management System (CMS)

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Video Communications Platform

Easily organize and manage video libraries of any size

Organizing and managing your video content is incredibly important. Whether you have a few video clips or thousands of full-length episodes, our online video CMS makes it easy to sort, manage, and organize your entire video library. With convenient features like batch editing and drag-and-drop playlists, Brightcove Video Cloud provides everything you need to organize and manage your video content.

A Robust Video CMS Allows You to Organize and Search

Video Cloud makes it easy to save, sort, and search your entire video library. You can label videos with standard descriptive fields or create custom metadata for your unique identifiers. Organize your video assets with folders and create accounts for different groups and business units. Keep your videos organized with playlists or Smart Playlists, which automatically organize your content based on tags. Push videos into playlists and pull groups of videos for display in video players or MRSS feeds.


Streamline Video Scheduling and Workflow

Pinpoint exactly when and where your video is displayed to comply with content licensing restrictions or global launch roll-out schedules. Control schedules and restrict access by geography or IP address to define where and when your videos can be viewed. Eliminate the hassle and worry of manually monitoring media schedules with one user-friendly interface to manage it all.

Get Your Video Live Sooner with Quick Publish

Get your video live fast. Quick Publish saves you time, enabling you to upload and publish a single video clip on a website or blog in one simple step. Just copy and paste the embed code and you are ready to go.


Manage Your Video Content with Manual and Smart Playlists

Quickly and easily create playlists for your video content. Creating playlists for your video players, websites, and video pages helps make sure you show your audience relevant videos and a coherent story. You can also create Smart Playlists that auto-populate based on metadata and tags so you can keep your content fresh. Sort Smart Playlists by newest, most popular and other criteria to automatically surface the content you want. Set up Smart Playlists to reduce the amount of time you spend organizing and updating content as changes occur.


API-Based Syndication

Expand your reach with automated syndication. Video Cloud simplifies sharing with distribution partners to let you deeply integrate your videos and metadata into their websites. Build custom MRSS feeds to make your videos accessible to external sites and applications.

Optimize Videos with Custom Metadata

Extend the Video Cloud data model with custom fields for text inputs or lists to store the information that’s most important to you. You can also extract custom values at video runtime by using the Player APIs to display the values in the video player, or send custom tracking information to a third-party analytics provider. Use custom fields to track unique identifiers or metadata from your CMS to keep vital information in sync.

Multi-Account Environment

Ensure that Video Cloud users have the correct level of access and control. Video Cloud has robust user, role, and folder access so that the right people have access to the right video assets and functionality at the right time. For example, you can set up "Upload Only" and "Analytics Only" users for your video production and business users respectively.


Manage Video from All Your Devices

With a fully responsive Graphical User Interface (GUI), users can access Video Cloud anywhere, anytime and on any device. Upload videos, manage your assets, and create playlists from your PC, tablet, and mobile device.


Integrations with Leading CMS Providers

Streamline your content workflows. Using our robust Media and CMS APIs, access and update assets and metadata from Brightcove to integrate with popular CMS services such as WordPress, Drupal, Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager, Joomla, and Ektron, as well as Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. Use secure token-based REST Media APIs (Read + Write) to access content in Video Cloud’s video CMS. Make your video library available to your CMS via MRSS and JSON feeds.

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