By utilizing Wipster in your workflow, you will save up to two-thirds of your production timeline that can then be invested into creating and publishing more content. 

Start maximizing your investment in video and experience Wipster together with Brightcove. 

Wipster enables brands and media companies to get more video produced, at a higher quality, by providing best-in-class video review and approval solutions. 

Wipster removes one of the most pervasive bottlenecks in video production — the review and approval process. Combined with the publishing and analytics power of Brightcove, there is now a seamless way for organizations to rapidly publish video content, measure response, and iterate. The end result is that you’re able to create more video with the same resources, and better achieve your business objectives. 

No more hour-long review meetings, mismatched timecodes, email chains, and messy spreadsheets. Wipster makes it easy to engage key stakeholders and receive high-quality feedback. You know exactly who has viewed the video, what changes are being made, what version you’re up to and when it’s been signed off. It’s your one central hub of truth for all your video creative. 

- Pinpoint commenting (just point and click) 
- Version stacking 
- Automated to-do lists 
- Rapid upload and share 
- Deep integrations with Adobe CC and Slack 
- Archive library of all assets 
- One-click publishing to Brightcove’s video cloud 

Wipster enterprise plan: 

- Company-wide license (unlimited team members) 
- One-click publishing to Brightcove 
- Company-wide onboarding and training 
- Platinum 24/7 support 
- Enterprise level security 

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