Wibbitz online video creation software gives content creators the ability to produce impactful short- form video online in minutes, even if they don’t have any prior video experience.

Product & Service Overview

Create videos online in minutes

The Wibbitz online video editor enables content creators on your team to produce short, engaging videos quickly and easily with intuitive web-based video editing tools, text animations, transitions, instant reformatting to square and vertical, and more.

Custom branding and templates

With Wibbitz, all your videos will be entirely on brand, with your logo, watermarks, custom fonts, and color palette. You can design custom video templates to save your team hours of production time while strictly adhering to your brand standards.

Access millions of premium licensed videos, photos, and soundtracks

Get stunning, TV-ready media assets from top providers like Getty Images right in the Wibbitz web-based platform. Streamline video production by eliminating the headache of sourcing media, and easily manage everything in one place.

Features and benefits of integration

  • Build a massive video content library
  • Expand your brand reach with more video content
  • Improve your video ROI with cost-efficient production
  • Reduce turnaround time for new video content
  • Provide feedback easily with web-based editing
  • Publish to Brightcove Video Cloud with one click
  • Seamlessly send tags added to videos in Wibbitz to Brightcove
  • Automatically update videos in Brightcove when they’re edited in Wibbitz
  • Access Wibbitz from Brightcove Video Cloud quickly and easily
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