Watching That

It’s hard to do online video right. 

It simply takes too long and is too error prone to bring together every aspect of online video into one coherent and intelligent view. The answers to many questions are buried in fragmented, disconnected and disjointed systems. This means slow and uninformed decision making, missed opportunities and net losses that cripple the growth of business.

Watching That makes it as easy as possible for creators, distributors and publishers to achieve success with online video.

Powered by big data and AI, Watching That gives an unparalleled real time augmented view of your video business by unifying data from your ad servers, web pages, demand sources and more with your Brightcove Video Cloud account.

No need for complex spreadsheets or archaic databases. Watching That brings all the intelligence needed to the finger tips of those that need it most in real time, at the right time.

Users of Watching That make better, more informed decisions when producing, distributing and commercialising their videos that results in  higher fill rates, higher yields, increased views and engagement.

Integration Overview

  1. Log into your Watching That account
  2. Head over to the plugin section
  3. Copy the 3 bits of code to the Brightcove Players you want to power up with Watching That
  4. (Re)Publish the player

Job's done.

Key Features

  • Turnkey integration means no coding necessary
  • No changes to your ad tags or ad setup required
  • Data available within minutes of deployment
  • Real-time single view dashboard correlates video playback data with commercialisation data (fill rate, error rate, error type, devices, domains, ad systems and more)
  • Daily and weekly reports sent directly to your inbox
  • Alerts when things are operating in expected paramaters

We charge a Pay as You Earn model: on a CPM based on ad impressions tracked.
All ad sessions are tracked and available in the platform however you only pay when you successfully deliver an impression.