Vuact video player lets viewers find, mark and comment on the most valuable parts in a video. Publishers get valuable information about the content and more engagement for their videos. More engagement can mean more social sharing, more time on site, more sign ups - however you want to optimize it. And we'll help you do that!

Vuact adds reaction buttons and commenting to your Brightcove video player, allowing your users to react to what they see in the video while they watch it, non-intrusively. The reaction buttons are completely customizable to suit your content. The Reaction Timeline visualizes this interaction and shows where the most valuable parts in your videos are. This makes it easier for people to engage with your video content in the first place. Vuact can also automatically create an intelligent preview of your content, saving you time and lowering the threshold for watching long videos.

You have full control over the player, but importantly, you are also giving more control to your viewers. This gives them a more powerful, insightful experience, which keeps them coming back for more.


  • Vuact's Engagement Video Player with your videos
  • Customizable reaction buttons and commenting (optional)
  • Automatic Highlights (optional)
  • Customizable Post-Roll Call To Action to increase social sharing and conversion (optional)
  • Possible to integrate with existing user accounts on your site (bespoke - contact for more information)

Please refer to the detailed PDF on getting started, but in a nutshell the integration requires you to create a minimal Brightcove video player template in your Brightcove account, add the player key and the video ID to your Vuact account, and you get the Vuact embed code.


Starting at $49 per month. Please refer to this link for the full pricing and features.