VideoClix Technologies, Inc.

VideoClix sparked the clickable video revolution in 1998 and spearheads hyper-video with its leading end-to-end distribution and monetization platform, catering to video publishers and advertisers.VideoClix is the premier provider of clickable video for tier-one companies and helps Brightcove clients maximize revenues, viewer retention and engagement through a non-intrusive and ground-breaking interactive ad model.

VideoClix’s scalable clickable video solution provides Brightcove publishers the ability to excite and engage audiences across a wide variety of video content. The VideoClix patent pending Smartrack technology efficiently segments, tracks and tags all objects of Interest (e.g. People, Places and Products) in a video. When viewers click on these objects an interactive info panel is activated displaying highly contextual content with an accompanying marketing message.

VideoClix provides publishers the ability to “close the loop” on product placement and branded entertainment by supporting multiple monetization options including display ads, Buy Now buttons, lead capture or external links. You can sell through direct sponsorships for these interactive objects or link them to thousands of exsisting CPC and CPA advertisers in the VideoClix affiliate ad networks.

VideoClix’s user-friendly web tools allow your producers to easily author engaging and profitable clickable videos. Additionally, you may use the VideoClix API to dynamically populate object info panels from publisher databases or other information sources on the web.

VideoClix integration with your Brightcove service is easy. The interactive layer is delivered to your audience, on demand, in the Brightcove player. No need to change your CMS or CDN.


  • Adds and compliments your existing video monetization
  • High CTR (click-through-rate) to advertiser sites: 5% to 20% (content specific)
  • Increased retention
  • 1 to 4 clicks per viewer per minute (content specific)
  • Each click can be monetized with a display ad
  • In-depth metrics of viewer behavior and engagement (views, rollover, clicks, CTR..etc)
  • Increased media value due to high CTR and retention
  • Non-intrusive ad model (does not depress traffic)
  • Viral and social media ready
  • High engagement


  • Support for display advertising and "Buy Now" calls to action   for product transaction
  • Support for in-video contests, sweepstakes, treasure hunts and  Easter
  • Complete customization of player, experience and ad delivery
  • Dynamic content authoring (allows for seamless repurposing of  existing content)
  • Syndication and Super Syndication
  • 3rd party ad server connectivity
  • iPhone and Facebook ready

VideoClix pricing is flexible and performance based.  Depending on volume of clickable videos and publisher traffic the following may be applicable:

  • One-time setup fee
  • Click Charges
  • Revenue Share

One-off brand programs may be executed as paid pilot projects (request a quote).