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Vidaao is an online marketplace for video production and animation designed for enterprise clients. Our mission is to help the enterprise scale their video creation for both internal and external corporate communications.

We have an amazing community of over 1,000 agency quality videographers and animators in over 50 cities in the US, Europe and Canada. These creative teams bid for work resulting in a 25% to 50% reduction in video creation costs.

Clients include Nokia, CA Technologies, Remy Cointreau, Carnegie Hall etc...

Services Provided:

  1. Complete videos from start to finish
  2. Film only
  3. Edit only
  4. Live stream

How does it work? Please check out our step-by-step demo.

Completed videos are automatically pushed to your Brightcove account.

Users log into their Vidaao account, got to their account settings and link to their Brightcove account. Very easy!

We have over 1,600 video samples with estimated pricing. These samples can be filtered by price, location, industry etc...

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