Vemba is a next generation video platform for premium publishers. The Vemba platform facilitates the distribution, discovery and monetization of video content with full control and transparency.

Vemba is powering video distribution for the world’s leading media companies, including VICE, CBS, Hearst, Tribune, Yahoo, Fox, RedBull, Scripps and Conde Nast. Content verticals include news, entertainment, sports, celebrity, business, technology, lifestyle and culture. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Vemba also has offices in New York and Los Angeles.


  • Brightcove media customers have direct access to the content marketplace functionality from within Video Cloud
  • Vemba provides Brightcove customers a robust and scalable solution for managing all syndication needs in a single platform
  • Any content ingested and managed within Video Cloud can be made available privately or in the public marketplace and Brightcove customers can augment their libraries with video from leading media companies.


  • Customers can use and customize Brightcove’s industry’s leading HTML5-first player and playlist functionality, while taking advantage of the Vemba content marketplace and distribution platform
  • Video content can be syndicated as a player, as a feed, or as a file
  • Players can be syndicated with or without the content owner’s ad tags or monetization sources
  • Content owners can leverage the Vemba platform to manage their direct publisher networks, or make their content available on the public exchange with defined rights, restrictions and economics
  • Supported business models include: revenue share, licensed content fee, flat CPM paid to content owner for video views & flat CPM paid to the distributing property for ad views
  • The content marketplace offers robust real time analytics to both the content owner and distributing party