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Since 1981, UR-Channel has been broadcasting public relations, entertainment and corporate events for enterprise level clientele.Our services evolved into building studios as well as producing training, e-learning and other communications for employees, management and shareholders.

From the inception of Canada’s first private Satellite training network, we’ve helped many clients to develop their training and communications programs. In fact, some of those companies provide employee communications to hundreds of locations across North America on a daily basis. As you can imagine, supporting these types of networks while assisting employee communications and training programs requires an immense amount of insight into best practices, forward thinking ideas and thought leadership.

UR-Channel has been an integral part of the growing process with many of our partners, helping define the foundation for success and remaining engaged in the evolution that has occurred with communications since the inception of our first employee training network.

UR-Channel’s EMS is an innovative Next Generation Retail Marketing & Corporate Communications Solution that consolidates many business tools onto a single, highly cost effective, scalable platform. Our forward thinking ideas give you the ability to reach your full corporate potential with cost savings, productivity benefits and sales uplift that are accretive to your bottom line from the onset.

When our solutions are combined including Digital Signage, 3D In-Store Audio, Interactive Corporate Training, Live Event Broadcasting, Interactive Kiosks and more… you too will discover the ultimate advantages of a truly coordinated, symbiotic multimedia experience that stimulates captive audiences’ senses and behaviour in what they see, hear, learn, touch and take away.

Whether your message speaks to your customers, employees, shareholders or audiences anywhere around the world, it is aired on our advanced, secure multimedia network, via satellite or internet transmission paths, with broadcast quality solutions that are highly entertaining, engaging and informative.

A commitment to ‘U’ and ‘UR’ business is our Guiding Principle. Discover how our infrastructure’s Nucleus and ‘Full Circle Approach’ enable us to build ‘UR’ Channel with Next Generation Solutions that bring you tangible results from the moment ‘UR’ On Air.