Trilibis Mobile

Trilibis provides mobile solutions and technology to brands, media companies and enterprises. The company leverages a decade of experience in mobile product development and systems integration to design and develop mobile websites. Using SmartPath®, an enterprise-class, end-to-end mobile web platform, Trilibis powers hundreds of mobile experiences, generating billions of page views.

SmartPath™’s powerful mobile publishing capabilities and robust architecture enable designers and developers to create, broadly deploy and easily manage highly customizable mobile services and websites across thousands of smartphones and devices.

SmartPath consists of four fully integrated components.

SmartBuilder is a flexible, cloud-based visual authoring environment for designing the presentation layer and the user experience of a mobile site or a hybrid app. With SmartBuilder, designers can implement either responsive or adaptive approaches.

SmartPath SDK
An SDK that can be added onto any integrated development environment (IDE), such as Eclipse. This Java-based SDK connects the presentation layer with dynamic content from data feeds (like CMS solutions, ad networks, video servers or other 3rd party systems). The SmartPath SDK also enables implementation of custom business logic, such as transaction processing, data collection, verification, search and data filtering.

SmartPath Engine
A powerful mobile middleware that stands at the core of the SmartPath platform. SmartPath Engine comprises of the following key features:

  • Device detection based on a comprehensive library that’s updated regularly with device and browser information
  • Encoding engine that generates device-specific mobile web syntax at runtime
  • Mobile web hosting components, such as session handlers and load balancers , as well as built in Mobile SEO support
  • Full support for the latest standard web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including Ajax and jQuery)

A versatile framework that simplifies and accelerates implementation of a growing array of 3rd party services. Developers have the option to create custom-made connectors to suit their specific needs or utilize built-in connectors for:

  • Analytics
  • Ads
  • Messaging
  • Social and sharing
  • Maps and geospatial information
  • Payments


Features & Benefits

A benefit from using Brightcove is the seamless mobile-ready integration with device detection. Device detection is useful as it eliminates the risk factor for whether or not a video will play on a specific device.

In addition, because SmartPath is a middleware platform, it is able to augment some limitations, such as supporting multiple player types for the same web link, which cannot be drawn from the likes of Youtube or Vevo player.

Integration Overview

The mobile website is integrated with Brightcove using our mobile web authoring environment (SmartBuilder) and/or by utilizing the SmartPath SDK if additional business logic is necessary. We simply tag the page as serving video and then pass the device informaiton to Brightcove who returns URL for video playback.

Brightcove integration work in one of two methods:

  1. Video Cloud SDKs – mobile optimized video player (usherworld) – javascript implementaion
  2. Media API Reference (northstar) – server side where smarthpath is the middleware
  3. Using our platform technology, we are able to add/remove videos from a playlist on the fly by means of using a .xml file where updates can be made live instantly. This eliminates the need for having to go through a development cycle and customers can easily access this by means of an FTP.

Development services are estimated by level of effort and clients' are given a project rate for this work.

All sites are built using SmartPath, and so there is a license to software which is based on page view traffic.

The SmartPath license includes device detection/rendering engine for site optimization, hosting and maintenance, as well as access to SmartBuilder authoring framework to make site changes and create new sites on hosted cluster.