Tremor Video

Tremor Video is the world's largest video and rich media advertising network. Tremor Video's next generation proprietary technology, Acudeo, is fully compatible with Brightcove's players and makes video inventory monetization simple, maximizing ROI on every stream.

Partnership Summary

Brightcove's partnership with Tremor Video offers publishers a full suite of video capabilities, providing a solution for everything from content management to inventory monetization. Brightcove customers can now easily integrate Acudeo, Tremor Video's proprietary, best of breed, dynamic ad delivery tool, which takes the headache out of monetizing video inventory. Whether serving pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls or overlays, Acudeo's industry leading feature set ensures ROI maximization on every stream with unrivaled ease of use. Through Acudeo, publishers can earn revenue from multiple sources, including Tremor Video's video ad network. 

NEW: Apply for the Tremor Video Quick Start program, and enjoy a guaranteed minimum CPM on video advertising!


  • Schedule and dynamically deliver in-stream video ads and overlay ads from multiple ad sources using your own ad server. Manage your video ad inventory with the same ease and ad server compatibility you're accustomed to for banner advertising.
  • With Acudeo, you are in total control of the user experience. Schedule ads as you see fit using any combination of pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and even overlay ads - all from multiple ad sources.
  • Since you are in full control of campaign management, all sales channel conflicts are virtually eliminated.
  • Acudeo's Ad Rotator enables the management and eCPM optimization of multiple revenue sources, guaranteeing monetization of every stream and maximizing ROI.
  • No disruption of existing ad serving infrastructure and no additional ad serving fees


  • Brightcove publishers with Express Plan III, Pro or Enterprise editions can leverage Tremor Video's technology, Acudeo, to dramatically simplify the process of monetizing video inventory.
  • Acudeo enables publishers to easily integrate video advertiser from Tremor Video's leading ad network.
  • Competitive rates for inventory and ability to work with multiple revenue partners.

We do not charge for our technology.  Inventory is purchased on a flat CPM basis per month.