Touchstorm is the premiere source for HD-quality informational evergreen video. Through its vast library of Howdini-branded video, Touchstorm provides publishers with content that is attractive to both audiences and advertisers. All content is hard-wired for search, boasts off the charts engagement scores and is brand-friendly yielding higher than average monetization opportunities.

Our commitment to quality means that your own site will benefit from professionally-produced video, not the amateur-quality stuff that is all over the web. And all of our video is Brand-Safe, so you don’t need to worry about inappropriate content or angry advertisers.

The evergreen nature of our video library means that a steady stream of audiences will find your site, and keeping coming back to you as a resource. Our videos become an asset to your site, a boost to your brand and help your performance in search.

Integration with Brightcove
• Easily ingest Touchstorm’s premium Howdini content directly into your Brightcove account. Shared content is already tagged and categorized and all meta-data is completely editable.

• Start monetizing content immediately – our advertising-friendly content has the capability to generate higher than average CPMs.

• Get additional premium content from virtually anywhere on the web with custom Curation Services.

• Get content created specifically for your audience and your business with TouchStorm’s award winning production team.

• Want more content automatically? Subscribe to Content Updates based on your preferences.

* Content Licensing: Ad revenue sharing typically offsets any content licensing fees 
* Content Curation: Custom curation fees start as low as $500 for a group of 5 videos
* Content Production: Production prices vary according to project requirements