Taboola is the world's leading content distribution and discovery platform, serving over 2B daily content recommendations to visitors on the web's most innovative publisher sites, including USA Today, DailyMail, The Independent, BBC TopGear,, Bloomberg, CNNMoney and the Weather Channel. Based in NY and founded in 2007, Taboola has developed advanced mathematica-based technology that can predict what videos and articles users may want to consume next once visiting a website in real-time, while incorporating the Editorial team's guidelines and voice. In turn, our Content Network allows Publishers, Brands and Agencies to bid to surface their content in front of the right users around the web as they consume content on Taboola's network of publishers sites, driving engaged audiences back to their sites and channels.

Taboola uses contextual, behavioral and social cues to help determine which items to recommend on publisher websites. We not only provide Video Recommendations, but as of January 2012, text recommendations as well (gallery, article, etc.)

Features & Benefits

  • Significant jump in website traffic (video or text views) and incremental revenue via our sponsored placements

Integration Overview

Simple Javascript implementation

Free - revenue share model on sponsored content