Stupeflix gives life to digital content by turning it into engaging videos. Its uniquely fast and powerful video generation architecture makes it the most affordable and scalable solution for content-rich web properties to automatically generate massive amounts of video content along fully customized video templates.

At the core of the Stupeflix video generation engine is the Video Description Language (Stupeflix XML) which fully describes how content assets (text, audio, images and videos) are rendered into videos of any output format and resolution. 

Today the line of products include the Stupeflix REST API and the Stupeflix Studio. Developers can leverage the Stupeflix REST API to dynamically turn metadata content (i.e. user profiles, classifieds, products descriptions, weather information) into video content (video profiles, video classifieds, video product showcases, personalized weather video reports). With video generation speed typically 2 to 3 times faster than real time, hundred of thousands of videos can be produced a day.

The Stupeflix Studio is a complete online video creation application to transform user content (text, audio, images and videos) into compelling videos. The Stupeflix online video editor can be embedded and white-labeled, allowing web product managers to add video creation as a powerful feature of their web application.  

The Brightcove Video Platform is the ideal complement of Stupeflix for businesses who seek a fully integrated, turn-key video solution. With the upcoming release of the Brightcove API integration within the Stupeflix API, videos generated with the Stupeflix API will be directly transferrable to a Brightcove customer account for hosting, distribution, management, streaming, engagement analytics and added interactivity layers.

The complete online video value chain will be delivered through a single API call. 


With the upcoming integration of Brightcove & Stupeflix APIs:

  • Complete online video value chain delivered through a single API call
  • Turn existing content into massive amounts of quality video content, without investing in video generation, hosting, streaming and distribution.
  • Stupeflix + Brightcove is the fastest, most scalable integrated online video solution on the market.
  • Stupeflix + Brightcove is the most cost effective online video solution on the market.

Stupeflix is an on-demand application and video generation is priced based on usage, with rates depending on output resolution, format and licensing rights. The Stupeflix API public pricing is available here: