Partner Overview

Streamhub is an UK analytics company focused on OTT businesses, created by media executives and big data technologists looking to make data relevant and accessible to the everyday business user.

The former CEO of Viacom Europe (Brent Hansen) and CTO of Chartbeat (Allan Beuafour) sit on the board together with an experienced set of advisers previously at ITV, Limelight and DeNA.

With offices in London and Tokyo, Streamhub's clients include broadcasters, operators, publishers, VOD platforms and sports organisations

Product Overview

Streamhub is the leading OTT and video analytics service made for editorial, marketing and commercial teams providing premium content over VOD or Live streaming services.

It tracks and generates insights to grow video engagement from every user on any connected device (mobiles, set-top-boxes, smart TVs, PCs, etc) for content and ads.

There is a particular focus on the measurement of audience loyalty to enable VOD businesses to clearly differentiate their approach with repeating vs new users. Every user's profile is stored and continually enriched through its behavioural data and integrations with panel-based DMPs.

Streamhub provides two versions of its cloud-hosted analytics software:

  1. A multi-license platform/operator version that aggregates multiple content owners under one umbrella with all the necessary access management;
  2. A single license content owner version that manages data for a video service from one organisation. e.g. broadcasters/publisher sites, sports clubs, universities, etc.

Integration Overview

Please visit the following site and scrolls down to Brightcove's section and click on the appropriate links for New Studio, Legacy Studio or for SDKs (Android, iOS, tvOS)

  1. Get in touch with Streamhub through
  2. Explain your setup and obtain your own analyticsID
  3. Log into Brightcove Video Cloud
  4. Add the Streamhub plugin URL to your active players and mobile apps
  5. Provide Streamhub with your metadata API via the Admin console
  6. Run a few tests on a 1 week trial account
  7. That's it.

Features & Benefits


  • Works across all connected devices, players and apps
  • Multiple methods of integration providing all the necessary flexibility
  • A single platform for all video engagement data analysis of VOD and LIVE
  • An integrated view and single measurement of content, audiences and ads


  • Features made for media companies by media executives
  • Segment and measure audiences by their different levels of loyalty
  • Organisation of reports into channels, series, talent, genres and programmes
  • User-friendly dashboards and data visualisation
  • Integration to multiple data sources to enrich audience and content analysis
  • Development of custom reports


  • Export of cookies for re-targeting
  • Robust access management for users and sub organisations
  • Transparent pricing that you control

Pricing is based on the initial POC integration and subsequent monthly licenses to use the platform.

Licensing starts at £500 / US$700 per month. Additional pricing available as volume-based tiers.

Customisation is available from £2000 per customisation. Custom development of reports and integrations, or advanced data science projects are provided.

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