Storygami helps content creators add interactivity to their online videos. We use our own pioneering HTML5 in-house editor to overlay elements such as text articles, maps, image galleries and external videos to help content producers engage and retain audiences.

Storygami offers a range of feature sets that are beautifully designed to seamlessly blend into video content. The types of functionality focus on engagement and retention of audiences and content subscribers including social media streams, share options as well as further customisable elements. Storygami also offer partnerships for major brands and companies to utilise our talented team to develop sophisticated interactive elements that blend into the type of functionality for their content and brand specifications.



  • Information boxes - Insert a simple box with text or links to external sites
  • PDF documents - Layer reports, case studies and presentations onto a video that can be opened in a separate tab
  • Linked articles - Pull in articles from all over the web which can be read within a video
  • Interactive astons - Name tags can be clicked on to bring up more information about the person who is speaking


  • Single images - Embed a single image within the video frame. Images can be uploaded or pulled in from sites such as Flickr
  • Picture galleries - Embed entire picture galleries within the video frame. Images can be uploaded or pulled in from sites such as Flickr


  • Single video - Bring YouTube or Vimeo content to play as a video-in-video element
  • Video playlists - Bring in entire playlists that can be watched within the video frame

Social media:

  • Twitter stream - Layer a Twitter stream over the video and Tweet from within the video frame.
  • Twitter games - Use embedded Twitter stream in tandem with the video content to ask questions of viewers and encourage interaction.


  • Google Maps - Access Google Maps with drop pins from within the video frame


  • Polls - Run live polls within the video frame to collect feedback and display data results
  • Statistics - Integrate graphs and statistics as infographics in the video


  • Analytics - Video owners can track viewer interaction

Storygami will help users engage and retain audiences with video for longer by bringing contextual elements into their content.

Storygami improves audience engagement by providing further channels of engagement and discovery, social media streams, maps and games and polls all within the video itself. These elements are pulled in and overlayed over the video so the risk of losing users to external sites is reduced keeping them on sites for longer. Storygami can also help users monetise content by using our interactive elements for direct sales via video.


  1. Please send us a URL of your video hosted on Brightcove along with a wishlist of the type of interactive features you would like.
  2. We will then send you a document form with any features that we currently provide and a blank template for you to choose your interactive elements.
  3. Please fill in this form by listing the type of interactive element, time code and duration as well as any further customisation request.
  4. We will then provide you with a quote and once it is approved we will layer your video and send you an embed code which you embed directly to where you want the layered video to appear.

Projects are quoted based on interactive features and the level of customisation. Projects start from £2000 ($3000). We are also currently building an online authoring tool which will be priced using a tiered system.