Social27 creates an online space for all of your academies, events, and communities. You can manage your environment through various features within our platform: API calls, CRM and Social Media Networking Integration, Mobile Compatibility and much more. Take your community dialogues from isolation to collaboration with Social27.

Social27 offers a full range of services spanning the entire life-cycle of the Social Cloud Software solutions suite we offer. We don't take a cookie cutter approach; from project kickoff to implementation and beyond, the Social27 services team works very closely with you to develop and implement a solution that will meet your business objectives.

Social27 offers 2 main products:

Digital Events:

  • Setup event website: Deliver a great event website experience, be it an in-person event, hybrid or virtual event. Attendees get event info, buy tickets, and can connect with other attendees before they even come to the event.
  • Livestream & Attendee Networking: During the event you can set up livestreaming of sessions, virtual expo halls and attendee networking lounges on the event website. Open up new revenue opportunities by selling virtual booths and sponsorships.
  • Easy & Affordable: Creating, managing and maintaining the digital event site is very easy and most event managers are trained and up to speed in a day. The modular feature set and the flexible SaaS pricing options provide attractive options for most budgets.

Social eLearning:

  • Effective Learning: Deliver a great learning experience to your students with interactive and social learning tools. These tools seek to harness the collective knowledge of the student body and the instructors thus creating a learning experience that works!
  • Social Engagement: Enable student and faculty networking, camaraderie, social sharing- just like in a real world classroom. The rich profiles and integration with social media channels and APIs makes the digital academy alive with social activity.
  • Easy & Affordable: Creating, managing and maintaining the digital academy is very easy and most academy administrators are up to speed in a day. The flexible SaaS pricing and revenue sharing options enable a deep business partnership instead of just a customer vendor relationship.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily integrate your Video Cloud account with your academy in just a few steps
  • Once integrated, users can search and preview their videos by Title, Video ID and Tag
  • Easily add your Brightcove video to your class with one click process

Integration Overview

Sign into Brightcove Video Cloud and retrieve the following key parameters from your Video Cloud Account (See our Integration Instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to find these):

  • Publisher ID
  • Default Player ID – Single Video
  • Default Player ID- Playlist
  • Player Key
  • API Read Token

In your academy settings, enter these parameters into a single form that can easily be updated. Once added and successfully saved, you can easily search your Video Cloud library by video title, video ID, or tags.

When adding a video to your specific class, simply click on “Add Link” and hit save.

We are B2B and offer two SaaS pricing models to our customers (e.g., enterprises, higher ed, and training organizations):

  • Subscription Fee: Social27 will charge a flat monthly fee starting at $250 for 100 students.
  • Rev Share: Social27 will charge 25% of the subscription fee charged to students on a monthly basis. The minimum rev share fee is $1,500 for up to 1,500 students.

For more detailed pricing, please see Social eLearning Pricing Options.