The SnappyTV platform allows content owners to own the social conversation around their live television or streaming broadcasts, using their content as the centerpiece. With our tools, customers can create and distribute real-time highlights featuring customizable brand and marketing messages, opening new channels for monetizing digital content delivery.

SnappyTV is the web’s leading cloud-based editor optimized for clipping and sharing live content. With an intuitive editing interface, one-click sharing, and deep social media integration, it’s never been easier to create highlights and engage the social world with compelling video.

The SnappyTV platform can be used to edit Brightcove livestreams into smaller, bite-sized videos, or take advantage of SnappyTV’s other content ingest options to clip live, linear TV broadcasts or livestreams on other platforms and publish them into your Brightcove account with a single click.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-Time Clip Creation: Capture the most talked about, most exciting moments as they happen. Follow your live broadcast in the LiveCut Editor, create clips and publish them seconds after they air live.
  • Video Editing in the Cloud: No software. No downloads. No bulky source files. Just a simple way to clip and share content. SnappyTV is a cloud-based platform that allows editors, marketers and social media managers to watch, clip and share through an intuitive browser-based interface.
  • One Click Publish to Brightcove: As you edit your live content, you can immediately publish the files to your Brightcove Video Cloud account. Set your videos title and apply tags to immediately surface the clips in your Brightcove Smart Players.
  • One Click Publish to Social Media: Share clips across all of your social media properties in an instant. Post to Facebook Fan Pages and Profiles, tweet a clip, post clips to Tumblr or embed the clip anywhere with one click.