Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer is a leading ad serving company, i.e. an IAB-certified advertising platform enabling publishers and advertisers to deliver, manage and optimize their rich media campaigns on websites, mobile web, mobile apps, and tablets.

Smart AdServer supports:

  • Pre/Mid/Post Skippable Adpods (VAST 3.0)
  • Interactive ads (VPAID 2.0)
  • Companions
  • Overlays
  • AdRules management
  • Video specific reporting (Vast events + visibility metrics)
  • Forecast
  • RTB technology

Features and Benefits

Smart AdServer's integration with Video Cloud enables publishers to easily serve VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 video ads into their content played back via their Brightcove player. Customers can program ad campaigns and define ad rules from Smart AdServer's interface and with no integration cost, ads will be served.

Integration Overview

Smart AdServer offers a Flash plugin.

Smart AdServer charges a CPM that's not dependent on the size of the creative.