Shodogg is a media technology company that enables any smartphone/tablet to direct any content to any web enabled screen without wires or boxes. Shodogg's delivery architecture allows for a fast and efficient user experience while enabling content owners to maximize and scale their advertising dollars while keeping them in control of their content.

  • Shodogg is completely universal, platform agnostic and totally portable. The technology is not subject to LAN or DLNA protocols. It is a viral, web based solution.
  • Shodogg directs users to where content resides - Shodogg does not control the content; it directs users to the content and authenticates the user through their transmitting device (phone, tablet).
  • Shodogg's architecture can understand and control any cloud/media player in the business and move seamlessly between them.
  • When opened on a receiving screen (TV, Tablet, Computer), Shodogg is an open receiver that allows any content enabled with Shodogg's technology to stream to that device. That means that a user can move from a video file to a streaming camera to a presentation without changing anything on the receiving screen. Shodogg can scale any content owner's digital efforts for a fraction of the cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Fetch. Toss. Share - allows users to easily move content between their screens, enabling them to watch streaming content wherever, whenever and with whomever they want. “Fetch” content through their smartphone/tablet. “Toss” (direct) a stream to play on another device (content files remain secure with existing DRM intact). “Share” content easily while remaining in control of the file.
  • Overlay - the overlay system allows any partner to remain in control of their existing applications, but allow a consistent experience for the user to maintain their devices, their playlists and their friends. The overlay is hidden until the user needs to access any of the above features.
  • Swappable Player - allow users to access any streaming media, from videos to music to photos, and the Shodogg swappable player technology will easily move between files quickly and easily. This allows users to enjoy content meant for personal use or business files for presentation purposes.
  • Easy Navigation - Shodogg allows users to enjoy and control content on a second screen while searching for more content, without interrupting the playback of the initial selection. This allows users to search for more content while enjoying their original selection.

Getting Started Guide

The integration process requires four things.

1. Your company contact information
2. Your "player URL"
3. A "read token" to your metadata
4. Verification that you have enable ActionsScript and JavaScript on your media player

Instructions and the associated online form is available at

Pricing depends on the business model of our partner. There may be initial setup and integration fees depending on the complexity of the project. Once setup, there will be license fees based on a number of factors to be discussed with the potential partner. Shodogg also offers data and analytics packages to their partners for additional cost.