Company Overview:

RecoSense offers a data intelligence platform based on an indigenous IP called Knowledge graph which is based on NLP, AI and Machine learning. RecoSense platform is domain agnostic which understands content semantics to automate the last mile action of delivering the right content to the right user. 

Platform capabilities include: 

  • Content classification and correlation 
  • Recommendations and personalization 
  • Automated metadata generation and management 
  • User profiling 
  • Content consumption and user behavior analytics 

Following are the benefits of RS platform: 

  • Higher watchtime, views, engagement 
  • Higher conversions to transactions and revenues 

Product/Service Overview:

We offer Brightcove customers a product to configure content recommendations and personalization for their videos hosted on Brightcove or other platforms. 

Our platform understands content semantics to generate automated metadata around the content such as the content category (Drama, Romance), cast and crew, etc. This also allows customers to generate custom output API bands with multiple filters such as the content type, cast, keywords, release dates, etc.

The RecoSense plugin on Brightcove video player can power highly relevant content recommendations and personalization. Personalization here is through user actions on the player.

How the Integration Works:

  1. Login 
  2. Under Push items, navigate to Brightcove, enter the Brightcove account details and then submit 
  3. Under mapping and saving, map keys by clicking on the RecoSense API keys on the left and searching/clicking the respective key on the right. Then submit. 
  4. Define user actions shows how user actions can be captured for personalization through scripts embedded on webpages. Click next 
  5. Default Bands allow basic recommendation/personalisation/trending bands 
  6. Under RecoSense bands, the band name should be specified. Then the rail name specifies what is required – Recommendation, Personalization or trending. Titles, tags, keywords, etc can be selected as the filters. Finally submit.
  7. Select the created band through radio button and quick view, delete, edit, etc 

Features & Benefits of Integration:

  • Higher watch time, views, engagement in the form of likes, shares
  • Automated personalization accounting for the user's tastes, interests
  • Automated metadata generation around the videos
  • Customized bands can be made with multiple filters (actors, categories, etc)

Pricing will be based on slabs of content served through our platform.

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